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Sanita is the original Danish clogs. Established in 1907. Sanita, have been making cozy, comfortable clogs the Danish way since 1907. In fact, they were the first to make them. Founder, Christian Meldgaard Andersen, not only created the first pair by hand, he also created their first distribution system: the basket of his bicycle.

And that tradition of craftsmanship and caring lives on today in every clog Sanita make. With innovative design and exacting standards, Sanita shoes are always easy on your feet. And with attractive new styles every season, they’re easy on your eyes as well. Today Sanita  still handcraft  clogs in Europe. Sure, they could save a little if they outsourced the work, but Sanita just can’t. Maybe it’s because they've been making clogs their way for over 100 years. Sanita continue to build on the foundation of usability and beauty while providing a variety of differentiated looks in our collection.


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